System Configuration

Common configuration information


For parsing all of the system configurations we use slightly modified version of ConfigParser which you can find here. All of the configurations follows the general INI format for which you can see more here. In all configuration files you can add [DEFAULT] section which is supported by the ConfigParser.


You can use interpolation values when specifying filepaths. You can use for this purpose work_dir and wd which are added by a parsers to all of the configurations as default values for all of the sections. Path of the work_dir and wd is the same is the path to the directory containing the configuration file.


Configuration files may contain nested values whose root name is called a “selector” (e.g. sel.val1, sel.val2). Selectors are essentially just nested dictionaries. We will refer to the dictionaries nested within as “entries”. Selectors and their contents are parsed as a Python dictionary. You can see an example of a selector in the people group configuration here.

Common documentation information

Within the configuration documentation, some properties have miscellaneous information about them defined below the property signature. This information can be about entries such as default values and environment overrides. Currently, there are:

  • DEFAULT - This information option defines default value of the property which is set in the code.

  • ENVIRONMENT OVERRIDE - This information option defines name of the environment variable which can override property from the configuration.